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Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is responsible for providing leadership in the planning and implementation of information technologies across the ǿմý System.

Learn more about IT policies, procurement, intellectual property and copyright, reporting, information security and productivity applications.

IT Policies IT Procurment Intellectual Property and Copyright

Reporting Information Security Productivity Apps

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Division-Wide Assessment

IT Help Desk

Phone Online Resources
(573) 882-5000
Hospital (573) 884-4357
(816) 235-2000
(573) 341-4357
(314) 516-6034
(573) 882-5000

Other Support Resources

Phone Email
Extension (573) 882-2096 etcs@missouri.edu
(573) 884-7200
TelePresence (573) 884-6986 video@more.net

Remote Work/Remote Teaching FAQ

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