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ǿմý Board of Curators Standing Committee Appointments for 2024

Standing Committees

Executive Committee
Robin R. Wenneker, Chair
Todd P. Graves, Vice-Chair
Julia G. Brncic

Academic, Student Affairs, Research and Economic Development Committee
Jeanne C. Sinquefield, Chair
Robert D. Blitz
Todd P. Graves
Michael A. Williams
Committee Liaisons, John Middleton and Steven Chaffin

Audit, Compliance and Ethics Committee
Keith A. Holloway, Chair
Julia G. Brncic
Jeanne C. Sinquefield
Michael A. Williams
Committee Liaison, Deena King

Finance Committee
Todd P. Graves, Chair
Robert D. Blitz
Robert W. Fry
Keith A. Holloway
Committee Liaison, Ryan Rapp

Governance, Compensation and Human Resources Committee
Robert W. Fry, Chair
Jeff L. Layman
Robin R. Wenneker
Committee Liaisons, Mark Menghini and Marsha Fischer

Health Affairs Committee
Michael A. Williams, Chair
Julia G. Brncic
Robert W. Fry
Keith A. Holloway
Jeff L. Layman
Ronald G. Ashworth (non-curator)
Philip Burger (non-curator)
Dan Devers (non-curator)
Committee Liaison, Dr. Richard Barohn

For additional information regarding Board Committees, please see CRR 10.050.

Reviewed 2024-02-21